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What we wish NGO's would know about earth observation.

Or what the Earth Observation community should know about NGO's

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Analysis on the added value of Earth Observation satellites for NGOs

The people at VanderSat come from a long scientific tradition that involves investigating climate change amongst others. You could say we are a social enterprise, meaning that we like our products and services to solve global issues and never do any damage to our planet and it's inhabitants.

tNGO's often take that social aspect of our business to the next level, meaning that it is their one and only goal to solve certain issues without having a commercial goal. So why is it that these NGO's aren't using earth observation data more often?

After all, earth observation specialists claim many added values to satellites for addressing global drought, food and flood issues. Although organizations such as Greenpeace and Red Cross recognize this potential, they also indicate satellites are not used to their full potential within their organizations. This study identifies a large gap between Earth Observation specialists and NGOs and a great challenge to improve the application of satellite data among humanitarian organizations.

The study was written by VanderSat's trainee Celine Nobel as part of her master thesis and can be downloaded through the link below. Feel free to share. Everyone will benefit from earth observation data and reading this study is a great step towards filling up those aforementioned gaps.

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