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VanderSat presented at the Techfest in Mumbai India

Yes, satellite remote sensing is getting big (and so are we)

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In December the Indian Institute of Technology of Bombay traditionally organizes one of the biggest technology and science festivals in the world, Techfest with more than 160.000 participants from all over the globe. This year VanderSat presented their work to the technical audience as one of the few non-Indian organisations. We were invited by the Dutch Consulate in Mumbai to showcase VanderSat’s ability to create useful applications with satellite data. The water resources in India are under pressure due to the growing population and VanderSat has extensive knowledge on the topic of remote sensing of water and the role water plays in natural cycles across the globe.

VanderSat is growing fast and as we talk to organizations on every continent it’s becoming more apparent every day that water related problems are becoming more frequent across the globe. . During our workshop and lecture we showed the technical audience the power of remote sensing. We demonstrated the impact of remote sensing on saving water, money and lives.

We did not leave the attendees of our lecture empty-handed as we showed them that every person in the world has access to the climate data we have created for the European Space Agency’s Climate Change Initiative.

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