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Sentinel 2 images reveal a detailed fire scar from recent heather fires in Hoog Soeren, the Netherlands.

On May 6 2016 several hectares of heather were burned down at the Veluwe, close to Hoog Soeren the Netherlands, which might be the result of the current drought. The Dutch Fire Department raised a code orange for this natural region. With ESA Sentinel 2 images you can clearly see the devastating effect of this fire. In this case we made use of false color images in the visible and infrared domain. In the first image you see an observation of April 21 2016 and the second image is taken on May 8. The open areas have a pink color, the vegetation green and the burned area as shown in the second image has a distinct purple color. With these great observations from Sentinel 2 we can easily map the impact of a fire, right after the event. 

Sentinel 2 image of April 21, 2016 (before the fire event)

Sentinel 2 image of May 8, 2016 right after the fire event. The burned area is clearly visible (purple region)

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