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Menno van der Marel joins VanderSat as CEO

Taking VanderSat to new heights

· Menno van der Marel,Earth Observation,soil moisture

Soil moisture, it might not sound like a game changing or exciting topic. There are no Silicon Valley firms working on it, no huge venture capitalists involved and the Financial Times is not writing about it. It is not even a well-known term. But look more closely and you will soon see that this might just be a big blind spot in recent technological development. The moisture content of the soil is a subject that is influencing nearly every natural earth cycle in the world.

VanderSat is a remote sensing space technology company established to commercialize our break-through satellite data processing technology for soil moisture. Developed and patented by top scientists from the VU University of Amsterdam. The VanderSat innovation is a novel way to improve soil moisture satellite data resolution by a staggering 62.500 times. VanderSat’s technology can be used to create field scale resolution at a fraction of the costs of the way this data is currently generated. Proper utilization of this data offers unprecedented opportunities for improving the yield of crops and reducing both water and pesticide usage for growing these crops.

This technological leap is exactly what triggered Menno van der Marel to join VanderSat. Today, VanderSat is happy to announce that Menno van der Marel will join VanderSat as new CEO and shareholder.

Menno brings a lot of entrepreneurial experience to the table. He started IT security firm Fox-IT in 1999 and led the company to successful growth. Fox-IT was acquired by NCC in 2015.

Menno's reasons for joining VanderSat are many. Food and agribusiness have an enormous economic, social, and environmental footprint. This $5 trillion industry represents 10 percent of global consumer spending, 40 percent of employment and 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Although sizable productivity improvements over the past 50 years have enabled an abundant food supply in many parts of the world, feeding the global population has reemerged as a critical issue. If current trends continue, by 2050, caloric demand will increase by 70 percent, and crop demand for human consumption and animal feed will increase by at least 100 percent. At the same time, more resource constraints will emerge: for example, 40 percent of water demand in 2030 is unlikely to be met. Already, more than 20 percent of arable land is degraded. Put food and agribusiness, space technology and science together and you will soon realize that VanderSat might hold a critical key in this story.

VanderSat is a leading global provider of commercial high‑resolution soil moisture data, products and services. More than 3700 organisations across the globe are using VanderSat's insights. From NASA and ESA to multinationals, farmers, governments and universities. Every day more organisations are lining up to explore satellite derived data and integrate it into their daily decision making.

"VanderSat is taking impressive steps towards commercial applications and Menno van der Marel will lead the company in its international expansion"

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