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For the first time ever we are able to connect soil moisture to detailed groundwater fluctuations using advanced satellite systems


....disrupting the way we manage to keep our feet dry

The Dutch are well known for their water management skills. Water is in our genes. From the early middle ages onwards, we have reclaimed and defended land from the sea. A skill that goes hand in hand with water management, spatial planning, water supply and water quality. A history that revolves around adaptation to water. Today, VanderSat is still proud to build on that legacy and share a recent breakthrough in our methods and applications for water managers across the globe (story continues below).

Our 100 m soil moisture data sets were recently compared to groundwater levels from a dense observation network of 4000 stations in the Netherlands. This study revealed that the dense groundwater network serves as an excellent evaluation tool for satellite soil moisture products over the Dutch lowlands. High correlations were found between the satellite soil moisture products and groundwater observations.

To put this in perspective, currently water is being managed through lots of hydrological models. Models try to mimic reality but in fact are not, that's why we call it a model. This then leads to assumptions and a famous person once said that assumptions are the mother of all F*ups.

"What VanderSat brings is an actual observation that could lead to a complete new way of managing water. After all, would you rather see what is happening on and in the ground or assume what is happening on the ground?"

VanderSat delivers daily observations on the water in the soil of any given place on earth and now water managers across the globe are able to connect this to groundwater fluctuations on that same 100x100 meter scale, in particular for regions with shallow groundwater tables.

We believe that these promising results could set the base for new hydrological insights. More info can be found by downloading our most recent evaluation study.

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