• Using satellite sensors VanderSat sees what cannot be seen.

    VanderSat is a leading global provider of commercial high‑resolution soil moisture data, products and services.

    Using satellite microwave technology we are able to see through clouds and fog, so 'daily observations' really means daily.

    Every single day we reprocess the world's water distribution. And our data goes back 38 years.


    Organisations across the globe are using our insights. From NASA and ESA to farmers, governments and the world's leading companies.

    The Dutch are well known for their water management skills. Water is in our genes. From the early middle ages onwards, we have reclaimed and defended land from the sea. A skill that goes hand in hand with water management, spatial planning, water supply and water quality. A history that revolves around adaptation to water, VanderSat is proud to build on that legacy.

  • Why VanderSat?

    Whether you operate regionally, nationally or globally. VanderSat provides the highest resolution, cost-effective and information-rich soil moisture data in the world. With daily observations you can make better, more informed decisions at any scale - whether you are monitoring crops, predicting the weather, performing predictive analysis, or preventing forest fires. We deliver key input at an unprecedented scale.

    Scientific recognition:

    > 3600 organisations are already using our satellite based soil moisture data

    Unprecedented resolution:

    VanderSat's proprietary method provides global NRT soil moisture data.

    No models or assumptions:

    VanderSat provides daily satellite observations with actionable results.

    Using microwaves we are able to see through clouds and fog, so 'daily observations' really means daily.

    Direct access to super computing facilities and infrastructure, crucial for satellite data processing and analytics

    Putting things in perspective is key. We have a history of 38 years of satellite observed soil moisture data.

  • No models or assumptions; VanderSat provides daily satellite observations with actionable results.

    A 62.500 times leap forward moving from 25x25 kilometers to 100x100 meters resolution

  • Industries using our insights




    Over 3600 organizations are already using our satellite based soil moisture datasets


    Food & Agribusiness


    Reducing pesticide use by giving science based advice to farmers across the globe

    Reinsurance Sector


    We provide key input for more accurate risk assessments for drought, floods and crop yield predictions

    Water Management


    Our solutions are fueling water management systems across the globe. Creating a safer environment.

    Meteorological Services


    VanderSat's insights drastically improve local weather forecasts. We work the world's leading meteorological institutes.



    We tell humanitarian aid organisations where in the world to start mobilising local aid workers before anyone else.

    Public Sector


    Reducing fraudulent activities within the 58 billion Euro, European agricultural subsidy budget



    We help energy companies protect natural resources

  • Meet the Team

    Our team has over 60 years' experience of scientific remote sensing.

    VanderSat’s proprietary methodology is taking advantage of data from a combination of satellites (multi-sensor) as well as different kinds of data (multi-frequency). This methodology combined with specifically designed algorithms is far beyond the current state-of-the art, even in the academic arena.

    Richard de Jeu

    Earth Observation
    Satellite Product Developer

    Hydrological Modeling

    Google Scholar

    Menno van der Marel

    Creating Impact


    Tech Entrepreneurship

    Robbert Mica


    Business Development

    Space Tech

    Thijs van Leeuwen

    Satellite Data Analysis

    Thermal Infrared Sensors

    Biogeochemical Modeling

    Google Scholar

    Robert Parinussa

    Global Water Cycle

    Microwave Remote Sensing

    Data Processing

    Google Scholar


    Robin van der Schalie

    L-band Radiometry


    PhD candidate

    Google Scholar

    Anne de Nijs

    Microwave Remote Sensing

    GIS and Spatial Analysis


    Michel van Klink

    Software Architect

    Data Mining Expert

    Data Visualization



    Benjamin Aouizerats

    Software Architect

    Satellite Data Analysis

    Atmospheric Modeling

    Google Scholar


    Alfred Wagtendonk

    Environmental Economics

    GIS and Spatial Analysis

    Land Use Modeling

    Google Scholar


    Celine Nobel

    Social and Environmental Initiatives Coordinator



    Susanne Zevenbergen - van Gestel

    Office Manager


  • Partners

    Who we chose as partners influences all of this. Our partners are taking the long view.

    ATG Europe

    European Commission

    Earth Observation Data Center for Water Resources Monitoring

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